Monday, July 27, 2015

Resources for a Sense of Numbers Before Introducing Math Facts

A big push for our kiddos the past couple of years has been addition and subtraction math fact fluency.  Of course, it makes sense because it is the basis of so much of mathematics.  If you read my post about math fact fluency, you know that my journey began with the following book: 

Reading it really gave me some insight into students learning their basic math facts, starting with fluency from 0-5 in kindergarten and moving onto 0-10 in first grade.  The most important information I gleamed from the book was the ORDER in which to introduce math facts. Of course, in the book, they give you reasons, but, here, I will just give you the list (and you can read reasons later-it's really interesting):

 Also, if you click on the picture below, it will take you to a 50+ page sample of the book, so you can decide if it is a book you should purchase or not.  The graphic below is included in that sample and may give you a clearer view to print as a resource.
..what they already know
...what they need more practice with
...It is an incredible tool to get that information, but, the question then becomes,
what do I do with that information now??
That is something I want to pull together with the help of other bloggers and readers as a RESOURCE for all of us.  I am going to host a linky party that will allow us to gather information for EACH type of math fact eventually if there is enough participation.
We are going to start with number sense, because, naturally, they need a good sense of numbers before they move onto putting numbers together and taking them apart, right??

When you link up, please keep the following question in mind, maybe even addressing it at the beginning of your post(s):

In what ways would a strong understanding of numbers support students as they focus on math facts?
When you link up, please post the picture at the top of this post in your post and link it directly to this Linky Party so that others can grab the resources as well!  Thank you!


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Back to School BLUES Sale 20% Off My ENTIRE Store
 My summer is officially half over.  As much as I love my is still D.E.P.R.E.S.S.I.N.G. to think that days of staying up late, sleeping in, doing whatever we want whenever we want, going pee whenever I want or need, etc....are coming to a close.
So, I put off going into my classroom and head to TpT to see how I can "work" and "prepare" my classroom from home.  If you are doing the same, it's a good time for you to pick up some "work" because today and tomorrow, my Freebielicious friends and I are holding a Back to School BLUES sale at our stores for 20% off EVERYTHING
The way to get the best bang for your buck during this sale is to think bundles which already list with a discounted price.
Here is my FAVORITE new this price, you will get years (I KNOW you will love it and never turn back once you implement my Math Fact and Sight Word Fluency Assessment Systems in your classroom) for such a LOW price.  Both systems follow the same set up and implementation for school and home, so it is very easy and consistent.  Parents and students love it AND it makes your life easier....which is what my products are all about if you know anything about MMMB.
I put my favorite bundles in the featured spots at the top of my store, so you can easily grab them for the discounted price. My work station packets will surely make your life easier and your students learning more fun!!!

 Happy Shopping readers!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wonderful Idea Wednesday

I have been using my math fact and sight word assessment systems all year long and do you think this WONDERFUL (well, to me) idea ever crossed my mind even once for a millisecond??
 Nope! I have no idea seems so obvious, so simple, and so....EASY
(all of the things I am ALL about with teaching...).  
While considering making a Periscope video of me assessing a student for either math fact fluency or sight word assessment to show just how quickly these mini, individualized assessments can be...I got thinking of ways to make it even quicker (premise being that the quicker you finish with a child, the quicker you can get on with the next child). Sitting next to me was a pile of blank notecards (every student is always working on either 6 letters or words AND 6 math facts at a time based on their individual oral assessments) and I thought about how that was an extra step EVERY time a student is ready for new words or new math facts....(finding notecards) counting out 6 cards, (finding stapler) stapling said cards together or, giving in, and letting student staple them together because stapling is just sooooo fun!
Why did I never think to have all of the notecards stapled into sets of 6 for the whole year? I have left a pile of notecards on my counter this summer with a stapler and, when I have an extra minute or two, have been creating PREMADE FLASHCARD SETS! I am also thinking it will be a great job for a volunteer or even a trustworthy student to do! 

It will save time having them all made up and being able to just quickly grab one, write the child's 6 letters/words/facts that they need to work with, and send them off!
Now, apparently my bright ideas come in twos, because as I was stapling, I realized I just how wasteful I had been all year! I would make the students their cards to keep in their book boxes, reassess when they were ready, then put a big smiley face on the front of the stapled cards and send them home....
Now, I am going to put a smiley face, then FLIP over the cards and write their new letters/words/or math facts on the lined side.  So, they can continue to practice and work with their "just learned" info, along with their 6 new words or facts!  Seriously, I have no idea why this is just coming to me now?? BUT, it definitely will allow further practice with new fluency learning AND save on my notecards! Now, I'd say that makes for a WONDERFUL IDEA.
Head on over to Freebie-licious for more WONDERFUL IDEAS on Wednesday! You can even link up your own Wonderful Idea post!

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