Sunday, January 31, 2016

Groundhog DayDrawing/Writing Freebie and FREE Science for the Rest of the Year

I'm sure no one has noticed I haven't been around, but, I gotta know, does anyone read blog posts anymore? Please do let me know...because I am totally a fan for writing for others...not so much for myself. Things have been super busy with my monkeys and I can't believe we are halfway through ANOTHER year!
So, I just have a couple of things I feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't share it with you.  I don't know about you, but, even though science is a favorite of the kids, it is not as regular in the classroom as it should be. One of my friends sent me a link to up for Mystery Science FREE for the rest of the year. FREE is good and it just looked so enticing. Their mission is to keep kids curious! I love that so is a natural ability in kids, but it is our job to foster it.
Mystery Science provides a question, a video with some background on the subject, along with a follow up experiment that helps lead students to the answer!  They are for older children (2nd to 5th grade) but can certainly modified for the youngers.  I demonstrated the experiment whole group with active participants and had the lab report up on the Promethean Board, so we just filled it in as we went along. They will be piloting a K-1 program soon, so I am anxious to see that!
Try Mystery Science FREE from now until June-it is a fantastic and engaging resource! Try one, you'll be hooked just like my students and me!
This is the one we did together that my kids were literally entranced with and setting up for the experiment was quick and easy (always important for teachers!):
Also, Groundhog's Day is coming right up, so I thought I'd finally share this FREE sample of a guided drawing activity.  I have been using my kits like crazy this year in my first grade classroom to teach my kiddos how to build constructed responses. And, as a sidenote, they are KILLING them.  I choose a picture/drawing that goes along with something we are working on and write up a question that can be answered with a gist, 3 details to support the gist and a wrap up or conclusion.
BUT, if that is sounding way too difficult or like something you are not interested in doing with your students, you can use these sets any which way you choose.  It could just be a drawing (gasp! art for fun???), just a handwriting activity by copying a simple sentence about a groundhog, a free writing activity, a prompt response, a prediction page about whether it will see its shadow or not.  That is why I love these kits because they are so VERSATILE! I hope your kiddos get as excited as mine when they can successfully draw a cute groundhog!

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mrs. Miner's Steals of the Day And FREEBIES, too!
Get ready...
Get set...
Go shop!

Ready to shop?  On Monday and Tuesday, you can save 28% off of everything in my store because Teachers Pay Teachers is having a Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) sale! Everything in my store will be 20% off on Monday and Tuesday and Teachers Pay Teachers is offering an additional 10% off, which actually comes out to a savings of 28%! Make sure you use the code SMILE to save the extra 10%!

Shop on Monday and Tuesday, and save 28%. 
BUT, in my store, I have already deeply discounted bundles, so you actually can save WAY MORE than that if you check out my bundled options:
If you thinking the above product sounds interesting, but aren't quite sure what it is, please check out this blog post which includes and quick video of the system in action!  It has been a HUGE motivator in my classroom and a organizational LIFESAVER for me. It took me years to perfect the systems and I have just finally been able to share it with my readers!
At the request of many readers who wanted their hands on ALL basic Pokey Pin kits, I bundled the 5 basic literacy and math kits together at a greatly reduced price.  Now, with the sale, it is EVEN lower!  Basically, getting it bundled AND using the promo code SMILE will get you 5 kits for the price a little more than 2.
$10.88 for a regularly priced $25 product!
Mine and my students FAVORITE literacy center. Of course, the students are drawing BUT there is of course a literacy twist with it that you decide on!  You can focus on reading, handwriting, or constructed responses OR students can write their own stories in response to their new drawings. 
In first grade, I use their drawing responses to teach them how to restate and use part of the question to respond and then, eventually add supporting details to questions. Sold separately, it costs $16, but bundled together it is only $12 which would be marked down to $8.64, so it is basically buy one, get one at this sale price!
Clicking on either of the pictures above or below will take you to this product, but also a fun matching FREE elf puzzle that goes great along with it!
This kit will is only $5 and that's BEFORE the 28% off!
And, last but not least, everyone's favorite holiday FAMILY or IN CLASS project is disguising the Gingerbread Man from the fox:


The annual TpT Holiday Ebook has been discontinued, but please find all of the previous years' versions in my store and grab TONS of FREE ideas and printables to make your holiday season with your students a little more easy and a little more fun!

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

How to Accelerate Reading Levels in Your Classroom Quickly and EASILY

So many people have asked how I keep track of all of my students' different lists of Dolch words.  It really is EASY, but is really HARD to explain.  I decided I'd make you a video of me assessing a student (who also happens to be a friends' son-thanks Michelle for letting me videotape R to help teachers everywhere learn about this process!).
It is such a simple system that took me forever to finally get it all together to make it effective and easy and doable for my students, me AND their families. This video shows a student who is an average reader who is quickly accelerating into more of an advanced reader because of his motivation, his families work with him AND his word work with his own individualized list of Dolch words in the classroom.  When students start knowing these words that are continuously showing up in their reading, they can focus their efforts on other strategies rather than trying to figure out some really hard words.
Please watch this video (no judging, it's my first attempt at this, but I did it for YOU!) and ask ANY questions you may still have.  I am providing links after for more informational posts, as well as a freebie to help you see how you can get started!

Read more about this system here:
Grab the letter I send home to families to describe the importance of this system FREE if you already have your own system in place!
Or just grab the whole kit to help you easily implement this system tomorrow as well as start moving your students' reading levels rapidly!

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